Joel Ramirez
3 min readAug 23, 2021

When talking about Iot (internet of things), it refers to the ability of some devices to share information with each other over the Internet, as people use it.

by Micaela Koremblit

“Things” are mentioned to any device that can connect to the internet, it is anticipated that with the passage of time, more and more devices will have this feature.

Similar to how people use the internet to create communication networks with other people, manage the use of their personal information, create large libraries of historical, current and learning information in general, it is planned that these “things” can share information and with this create a communication network with other “things” and thus use the data to create information management systems.

A classic example of a system that takes full advantage of the use of these networks described by the IoT is the creation of a smart home. In this house, the vast majority of devices communicate with each other through the internet and have the personal data of those who inhabit it. Data as simple as time to get up, favorite food, exit and entry times, favorite programs, etc; They can be used to create management systems, such as: automated laundries, light management, shopping lists, among many others.

The way in which these things share information, would be through simple data created by the same things and shared with others, for example, if the bed could somehow be used as a device that can record the moment a person gets up, This data could be used by a light management system to predict which lights should be turned on, even a food management system, all in order to simplify people’s lives.

This is just one example of using IoT. Using tools like the cloud, big data, analytics, and mobile technologies, physical things can share and collect data with minimal human intervention. In this hyper-connected world, digital systems can record, monitor and adjust every interaction between connected things.

By fully exploiting the capabilities of the IoT. The danger that sensitive information reaches the hands of third parties or malicious people increases, when this happens, people stop trusting this technology, since not all information should be shared. However, where there is a problem, there is already a technological solution under development to solve it, in this case, through the use of specific security protocols, monitoring devices or even limitation and registration of connected devices, among many other forms of protection. data, can help solve this security problem, as more and more solutions appear